Rotary minutes Aug. 13 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to Ivan’s daughter who will be in Waterloo to study Engineering and to Rajiv’s son Kumal who just earned 91% in English and is ready to take on Gr. 12 while his sister does her MCATS soon- oh boy.
Present: Jean, Mary, Neddra,Ajit, Rajiv, Michael, Bob, Randy, Ivan, Gil
Guests: Shabnam, Devika, and Ron Marsh from the Scarb. club.
Regrets:Dave, Rosemary, Grant, Robert
Absent: David, Alp, Soo, Roy,
We welcomed our guests, Devika is from India, an exchange student studying for her BA in Commerce at a University in New Brunswick and we wish her well. She is currently a guest of the Deshmukh family and would you believe she won the 50/50 draw.
Happy Bucks:Bob welcomed everyone, Randy’s daughter Erin is articling in Toronto and may soon earn a paycheque, Ron says thanks and is promoting the visit of Stefan, a Rotary student starting studies at U of T. He will be a guest at our club Sept. 3, Gil and Janet are off to visit new baby Violet and her parents, Monday’s bingo was apparently a “ZOO” and very busy(thanks to all the helpers), just ask Ivan how many of us he has “conned” because of his recent photo on the Golf Magazine-well done, Mary, neddra and Shabnam graciously welcomed our guests, and Devika spoke about her connections to Rotary.
The work sheet prepared by Mary was a great tool to start us off in a new year and great discussion ensued–please be sure to bring your copies to each meeting until all is finalized when we have a treasurer’s report as a guideline ACTION Grant please provide.
Aug. 20 District Gov. Doug visits. Directors please arrive at 6 p.m.
Aug. 27 off campus meeting    Jean?
Sept. 3 Stefan is our guest ACTION David and Robert we need video equipment for Stefan
Sept. 10 Back to our work sheet for discussion
Sept. 24 Invitation has been sent to Police Cief Wm. Blair for a proposed “Meet the Chief” function  on this date 6-8 p.m. in charge of the Sept. group, outdoor event at Macdonald Collegiate -more to follow when we hear from the chief.

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