Minutes July 22, 2010

PRESENT: Gil, Dave, Ajit, Rajiv,Ivan,Robert, Jean, Mary, Grant, Michael
GUESTS: We welcomed Yashwant,Pushpa, and Vipin Kothari from India and our guest speaker Annette Vandenhooven from the ALS Society of Ontario.
The 50/50 draw was won with the 7 of spades but no prize.
Happy bucks: Mary’s brother and sister-in-law celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary, Janet is booked for arthroscopy on a sore knee and we wish her speedy recovery, Andrea Dickson is now a pharmacist, congratulations, Ivan had a goo tennis game, Robert has been coping with 2 elderly deaths, Dave is having a great time with dance participants and lacrosse players, he still needs someone to play golf, Grant needs to know numbers for Stratford, Ajit needs to know numbers for next Thursday when we meet at his home, guests welcome,Rosemary is having difficulty coping with the neuropathy associated with the diabetis.Our guests shared their stories and banners were exchanged with pictures taken.
Annette gave us a great picture of ALS and I was particularly interested in the research at Sunnybrook, McMaster and London, a fatal disease difficult to diagnose and there is no effective treatment.
BUSINESS: Ivan gave us a detailed report of the rib-fest( on file in his hands)
– successful event, unfortunately too few customers
– Event will run June 30- July 3, 2011

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