Literacy and Social Justice

From Soo Wong:

I want to thank you for attending last Thurs principal presentation. I know a number of principals have sent me a personal email to thank me for last Thurs event. They also want me to thank all Rotarians for their generous support of the TDSB literacy; I know the principals who attended last Thurs event all thank you for your donation esp when they know your generosity enable them to expand or improve their current literacy program!

Again, thank you….I know I am a very expansive/needy member who always ask for support for our schools!  Oh, did I inform you about the Ward Social Justice project…it is tentative being scheduled for April 29 – 30, Sir John A MacDonald CI; more info will follow; yes, this project will support a number of ward initiatives including the Bob’s Haiti and Kenya water projects.  I hope to have more info after my mtg with the student leaders this Tues.

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