Toy Mountain 2020

Hopefully next year

we will be back to broadcasting in person again !

This year by actually packaging  toys with real names

really brought home the good we are all doing,

Doing Good is the best Christmas present for all !!

Your team  with Tom does such a great job.

Love , Peace and Happiness to all

Toy Mountain 2019

A decade of giving to Toy Mountain  


Hello All:

Leaving no child behind at Christmas!


Team Randy, Bob and our newest Temporary

member’Sally for braving the very cold night

presenting the Rotary ice cone!


so cold all part of my body were freezing, and I mean

all parts, Randy was definitely not dressed for the event

however the Neal constitution is unwavering, even against this



Tom Brown and his team was out, Unionville  was

well decorated  and too with the Town parade made it very busy.

thanks to Scott for driving a Sally Ann float


We should recognize this Team at a future Rotary event but TBA

they were going on to  additional events    that evening,

the unstoppable !


Thanks to  all who made this possible  !

Polio and Brushamania

In this month’s issue of The Rotarian, “The Vindication of Vaccination” takes a step in that direction. I invite everyone to read it, absorb it, and retain it, and share it with your family members. The opposition to vaccination is based on fear of the unknown. So let’s be knowledgeable.

I was very proud to present ADG Dr. Raffy Chouljian a special recognition: The RI Vocational Service Leadership Award, for starting and developing Brush-a-Mania into a program that provides 30,000 school children with education, encouragement, and supplies for basic oral hygiene. It’s a Rotary program, and it makes a difference.

April 11 Concert, Smash Success

What was said about it:

Assistant District Governor  Viji Leger

Thank you for the opportunity to be there last evening. Santha was, and is Fabulous. Great performance from Ivan. Again you and the team did a great job

District Governor  97/87 Gary Ing

Thank you very much for the invitation to the Rotary Club of Agincourt concert. It was a complete success in my mind. Not only the entertainment and the program were spectacular you managed to bring Rotary to the forefront. And you really surprised me with your talent! Wow! My hats off to everyone involved with this project. A job well done.

District Governor  Elect Michael Bell

Just a quick note to thank you again for a lovely evening last night.  Jo-Ann and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the music selection and performances were outstanding. Santha has a fabulous voice and is such an accomplished, trained professional.

Congratulations again for organizing and hosting this successful fundraising event.

Marta Shing

Congrats on a fantastic evening!!!  Great reviews for the entertainment!  Santha – your voice is beautiful and you are a great entertainer.  Ivan – you are a great entertainer too and we all enjoyed your fun stuff!!  All the other singers were really good too, so the evening was very easy to enjoy.  I heard nothing but good comments from everyone around us.  Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the evening!!!

Wen and William Wang

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend last night’s charity concert you and your team put together for Agincourt Rotary Club. It requires a lot of planning, work, time/effort for this full 2-hour entertainment.

What a great concert that me and William thoroughly enjoyed. I specially enjoyed Santha’s excellent performance. She has got a voice without border. She can sing practically any music with such a natural passion and put the listeners into the right mood whether it is theater music or blues. What surprises us the most is that she is a professional accountant, lecturer, MC…..How can one person have so many talents and raising two children at the same time.
One of the highlights of last night of course is  the piece you sang – “What a Wonderful World” originally sang by Louis Armstrong and Country Road by John Denver. What a great job you did. I clapped my hands so hard until they hurt.
Thank you again. You should be proud of what you have achieved for the Rotary and Lighting up the world