4 thoughts on “How Did You Join Rotary?

  1. I joined the Club in 1981. The minister of my church, the Rev. Gordon Burgess,
    who was a member of the Club at that time invited me to attend a meeting. I did and was introduced to a wonderful group of people dedicated to helping the community while enjoying each others’ fellowship. Within a short period, I became a member. The thirty years have flown by.

  2. I joined in 2005. A relative newbie. Melinda was in grade 8 and had gone to a birthday skating party for Katie Conway. David Ho and Michael invited me for dinner afterwards and we talked about the Rotary Club. I had finished being the School Council Chair and just starting with the Robotics. Being self-employed with a home office, Rotary is a great way to get involved with the community and global issues.

  3. Jean reports this:

    In the 60 s my husband was encouraged to join a service club, an expectation of his employment, he did so and that organization had a retirement age of 40, later our personal accountant chris Hicks invited Ken to join Agincourt Rotary Club, a whole new experience for him, Service above Self and he was off. It was most interesting to note that the wife was referred to as Rotary Ann. As I was a wife a mother and a nurse, I had long experienced Service above Self and being a wife of a Rotarian added to that “service”. After some time I was chosen as a recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of my volunteer work in our community i.e.chairs in all areas of church work, initiating Agincourt Community Services along with other churches to service the increasing need of support groups in our area, 7 years service on Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology,Board of Governors, 2 years as Chairman, 25 years teaching home nursing courses for Scarborough Red Cross Association. chair, the Board of Directors of the above ACSA, collect the archives for Agincourt Collegiate Institute which involves q. Tues. a.m. In. 2000 my husband Ken died and 3 very dedicated young men of the Agincourt Rotary club took turns picking me up and taking me to Rotary meeings Ivan, Michael, and David. By this time Win Dacey, another Rotary Ann, becme a first female member of the club and thus others were encouraged to join, I was shoved, I think, and have been there ever since, having served as president and currently as secretary and still doing service above self.

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